The main idea of our activities is to create healthy houses and then initiate the construction of healthy settlements, villages and societies harmonized with the surrounding nature. Since 2012, we have been operating in the natural building industry under the banner of Earth-Heart Natural Building.

We build using hempcrete, wood wool, compressed straw and applying clay plasters. We have also conducted educational and training activities. We are applying the practical knowledge and rich experience we have gained to the design of DOMIR modular dome houses.

The uniqueness of the dome houses lies in the fact that, thanks to their form and design, they provide a deep sense of security, peace, harmony and comfort.

Our houses by their shape refer to the best of nature, and for their construction we use high-quality natural building materials that are ecological and environmentally friendly.

We are convinced that the way of building we offer is beneficial to our customers and the environment. And we have confirmation of this in the form of satisfied residents of the domed houses.

SWADZIEBNIK sign /  is shown as a mysterious Fern Flower, shrouded in legend, arranged from two elements in Slavic colors – right-handed blue (symbolizing Heaven) and left-handed red (symbolizing Fire, Earth) on a white background.

On the one hand, it is a sign of vows, and on the other hand, a sign of fidelity to values and vows understood as oaths – the Sign of the Strong Bond and the Family.

It is a sign of union by a perpetual knot; a sign of the union of Body, Soul, Spirit and Light into a new Living Unity – the union of Fire and Water – male and female.

8 – fullness symbol
– infinity symbol

The full symbolism is 44

Lack of wheel closure – a symbol of freedom, but also of the person, personality, individuality

The central point – the symbol of the God of the Gods – the Light of the World [Swietowit, Swiatłowiłt, Światowid, Światowit].