Anna Grusza graduated from the Academy of Feng Shui in Wroclaw and defended her thesis under Prof. Zbigniew Królicki in 2004. She graduated from the Bialystok University of Technology with a master’s degree in architectural engineering. She is endlessly fascinated by the psychology of man and space, and studies the interplay of phenomena and modalities.

The setting of a space can affect 30% of the fate of the people in it, the rest is the influence of human activity and the determination of higher forces.
Each person creates his fate through efforts and aspirations that lead to specific events in the physical world. However, before he sees the result, everything will first exist in energy. That is why it is so important to recognize the subtle, energetic realm, which is not visible without the skill of recognition. It is she who is the warp of man’s fate. A happy fate, a successful destiny is worth striving and striving for that is why it is worth being aware of the relationship between energies, being aware of the causes and consequences of various human interventions to create a life of maximum attainable fullness.


We invite you to purchase a Feng Shui design of a dome house, which will help you plan a space where you will live in harmony with the environment. Our designs include the location of the house on the plot, taking into account the terrain and existing development.

When designing, the influence of mythical animals such as the Black Turtle, Green Dragon, White Tiger and Red Phoenix are studied. The design also includes the indication of planting vegetation or its modifications, small architecture, color schemes and the placement of furniture, appliances and significant objects.

When designing the space of the house, we consult with the investor, taking into account the dates of birth of the residents or owner, preferences and needs expressed in an initial conversation with a Feng Shui consultant. The design with maximum comprehensible description and simple outline drawings is handed over to the investor or investor’s representatives. You can choose the design of the building siting on the plot or the design of the building interior. Access to the plot is calculated individually, and the price for the project depends on the area of the plot and the area of the building. A 30% down payment is required.

Feng shui, which literally means “wind and water,” is a Chinese art of arrangement, the principles of which consist in the proper adjustment of the various elements of the environment in order to achieve harmony with the environment and nature. The principles of building a house according to feng shui teach how to divide a space into different parts that will characteristically affect different aspects of human life, such as love, work or finances. When designing the interior of a home according to Feng Shui, it is important to balance the energy and adjust the arrangement of furniture according to the bagua grid, which helps determine which areas of the interior and geographic directions affect a person particularly positively.

We assure you that our Feng Shui dome house design will help you create a space where you can achieve harmony with the environment and enjoy life to the fullest.



The principles of feng shui in the home include the concept of the Eight Trigrams / Bagua grid, according to which the forces of nature can be reduced to eight basic trigrams. They are graphically represented on the so-called bagua: an octagon, divided into eight equal parts, each of which corresponds to one of the trigrams.These parts according to the principles of feng shui are interpreted as areas of life: career and path of life, knowledge and life wisdom, family, ancestors, wealth, prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, love, creation, children, helpful people.

Feng shui elements in home interior design, the first step is always to reflect on the plan of your home the bagua zones. As already mentioned, it divides the living space into parts that correspond to different spheres of life. Assigning these spheres to specific places (rooms) shows where you can/should change something to improve your life.



According to the principles of Feng Shui, the arrangement of space and home life must take into account the psychological impact of sunlight, the surface of the space, the arrangement of the entrance to the house, the sense of harmony without overloading with objects, the impression of order and tidiness.

The correct arrangement of functions, the amount of light, the orientation of the sides of the world, the color scheme, the harmony in female and male energy, helps to strengthen health, fills residents with good energy, promotes well-being, the achievement of goals and improves overall functioning.
Yin and Yang are two opposing energies that both pursue and complement each other. They symbolize activity and passivity, and are everywhere, so their universality allows them to determine the nature of things in the universe. The home is also subject to such flows, and one should strive to harmonize these forces.


Nowadays, more and more attention is being paid to decorating interiors in a sustainable way, in harmony with nature and respectful of the environment. The use of natural materials, such as wood, hemp concrete, wood wool or clay plaster, is particularly recommended, as this introduces elements of nature into the space that promote our health and well-being.



However, aesthetics also play an extremely important role in interiors. The beauty around us stimulates our creativity and inspires us to act. A well-kept and aesthetically decorated space positively influences our mood and helps us in our daily activities, both at work and at rest.

In order for interiors to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, each room should be properly decorated so that it is conducive to all areas of the residents’ lives Feng shui, the Chinese art of space design, can help in this regard.